No, no and no. REBLOG this please, this shouldn’t be allowed and we need to spread the word to everybody about this injustice!
The actual news article:

I’m a feminist, and I agree that this is not right. Yasmin Thomas should receive more time for her actions. I really just want to punch that smug grin off her face!
This might be an issue of classism, though. It appears as if she’s loaded with money, and might be using her wealth in order to get away with her abusive behaviour.
Anyway, here’s to hoping that Ronnie Lee gets better soon.

Part of being a Feminist is agreeing that it’s unfair for a woman to attack a man and have it be okay. Men are allowed to be victims of assault by women. I loathe when people say “oh, you’re a feminist? So you think I can punch a woman?” No, I don’t think anyone should punch anyone obviously. *gets off soapbox*

I agree with the above posters

his poor lil face. can i stab her?


light up NYC







talk about perspective. shit.

Fucking hell.

I remember the first time I saw a map of Africa to scale. My jaw dropped.

And I’m wondering how a continent so big can be so conveniently left out of our world history text books. A class on Africa isn’t a requirement for Anthro majors at my school. YOU CAN HAVE A MAJOR ON THE STUDY OF HUMANS AND COMPLETELY LEAVE OUT THIS WHOLE ASS CONTINENT.

Well goddamn

Well. I learned something today. 

Professor Cornell West Arrested During ‘Ferguson October’ Protest
“Esteemed education and noted activist Dr. Cornell West was arrested earlier today (October 13) for participating in a ‘Ferguson October’ demonstration in Missouri. Dr. West was knocked to the ground during a scuffle where police were apprehending protestors who were participating in a display of civil disobedience. It’s unclear as of press time what caused authorities to target West and the group he was with during the act.”

New York Comic Con attendee cosplays as every Johnny Depp character at once.